Those Wacky Fit-Nazi Meatheads at Human Kinetics and their Appalling Broscientific „Racialism“

Every antinazi now knows the name of this self-described “Judéophobe” and “French-style national socialist” (1) who thinks – and SAYS! (2) – that the „Semites“ must be forced to grovel at the feet of the „Aryans“, makes a „quenelle“ (3) at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin (4), for whom the Holocaust is „unfinished business“ (5), and whose ideological best-selling opuscule ‚Understanding the Empire‘ has been called a Myth of the Twenty-First Century (after Rosenberg’s Myth of the XXth century):

„S 0 r a l now claims to be a « French-style national-socialist. » (…) Comprendre l’Empire (Understanding the Empire), S 0 r a l ’s book, might be seen, and feared, as The Myth of the Twenty-First Century (10) (On the same topic, see also: The True Neo-Nazis, by Charles Rojzman)

Speaking of Jewish survivors, S 0 R A L writes that the Holocaust is „unfinished business“ (!) … before cautiously removing his words from his FB:


But right from the start, his official propaganda website was called Chantier 88, which is apparently self-explanatory for everyone with even minimal political education. „Chantier“ in French means „Work Camp“ (as in the pro-nazi „Youth Work Camps“ or „Chantiers de Jeunesse“) and „88 is a white supremacist numerical code for „Heil Hitler.“ H is the eighth letter of the alphabet, so 88 = HH = Heil Hitler. One of the most common white supremacist symbols, 88 is used throughout the entire white supremacist movement.“ They made that disappear. It was too obvious.

Want some more? Here you can hear S 0 r a l saying: „Hitler gives me a hard-on“. If you think it’s just cheap provocation, such as in ‚rebellious‘ teenager talk…. no. Keep in mind that the bloke in question is sixty years old. Could be a great-grandfather. But he was too busy with his propaganda works.


Moron Nazis

Here he is (on the left), this sinister clown, cross-advertising his „judeophobic“, „national-socialist“ pseudo-book with some bland and characterless nonentity with an imbecilic look on his face (on the right), whose publisher seems to be Human Kinetics. The place is described by Streetpress as a Serbian café for far-rightists and supremacists in Paris called „The Sweet Grapes“. According to Streetpress, portraits of Gabin and Ventura are all over the place. Now, Jean Gabin was an antinazi war hero during the Second World War (5), and Lino Ventura, who refused to serve the Mussolinian regime (Forcibly incorporated into the Italian army during World War II, he deserted to remain faithful to the principles of France), became a professional champion wrestler and, once an actor, played the unforgettable role of the resistant Philippe Gerbier in ‚The Army of Shadows‘…(11) Both – the antinazi Jean Gabin and the antifascist Lino Ventura – would have LOVED TO SMASH THEIR FASH FACES! How ironic, and disgusting at the same time! Quite as disgusting as the nazis of the Bases Autonomes „Durables“ masquerading as ‚Maquisards‘ for business reasons! Oh, wait! They work together.

GABIN: „Let’s get rid of these fucking nazis, once and for good!“ (8)

OK, now this guy with a moronic look on the photograph is no nice guy at all, and does exert some sort of influence on the most ignorant bigots among the meatheads because… well, believe it or not: because he draws biceps (duh), „pecs“, and especially, er… „glutes“ (ever seen Don‘t Make Waves with Tony Curtis?).

Of course he is exactly as stupid as he looks: as stupid as he looks

He can‘t even form a correct word or sentence in his own language (7), can‘t tell Greek from Latin and thinks „mens sana in corpore sano“ is a Greek adage. As for his scientific „education“, it’s a laughing matter worldwide!!

So this would be of no importance at all…

were this guy not a racialist crackpot trying to sell a crazy racialist theory of his own along with his stupid drawings of naked hunks (this is a link, click on it)!!

And if he wasn‘t appointed as a touter for the „judeophobic“ „French national-socialist“ in chief!

The most laughable broscience in the service of the most sickening „judeophobic“ „national socialism“… Kudos, Human Kinetics!


(1) ‘Jews out of France’ – Demonstrators at the “day of wrath” protests which called for Hollande’s resignation on January 26th chanted “Jews out of France”. Two hundred and fifty people were arrested in that march, which had a violent, neo-Nazi element, by Lara Marlowe, the Paris Correspondent with The Irish Times.
(3) The „Quenelle“ gesture is an obvious allusion to Dr. Strangelove’s lapse into the Nazi salute which symbolizes – we quote – „his ability to avoid being controlled by political power“, i.e. to remain a Nazi despite living in a post-war democracy and (temporarily) self-censoring himself.

Here an „ordinary“ example of „Quenelle“ in front of Auschwitz extermination camp:

Origin of the gesture:

(5) The Holocaust is unfinished business!
(6) Jean Gabin: his war as an antinazi soldier and liberator
(7) Whoa! Taking anti-French illiteracy to a whole new level:
(8)“Il est temps de se débarrasser de ces salopes de nazis, une fois pour de bon“ – Jean Gabin (Letter to Marlene)
(9) Here: the archived screenshot taken by French actor, writer and director Jean-Paul Lilienfeld.