Those Wacky „Anarcho-Nazis“ of the „Bases Autónomas Durables“

The Bases Autónomas were a violent neo-nazi group that was active in Spain and France in the 80’s and 90’s. THEY ARE BACK in France, Switzerland, Italy and Spain under the names: Bases Autonomes Durables (France), Base Autonoma Durevole (Italy, see also „Casa Pound“), Bases Autónomas Durables (Spain), Sustainable Autonomous Bases, or in the United States, „Pioneer Little Europes“

The Bases Autonomes in France have a long story, apparently, with multiple attempts to come back, and an establishment in Paris, as soon as 1991 (in Ayoub’s times)


In front of the media and the gullible, the anarcho-nazis of the BA now try to confuse the issue by ironically – and intolerably – hiding their true motives behind the word „Maquis“ and masquerading as (far-right paramilitary) „Maquisards“ (or „inoffensive“ whacko redneck „survivalists“, but still… at White Nationalist conferences!!). Of course, Maquisards were French ANTINAZI resistants during WW2, who were for the main part executed by the SS and died under atrocious conditions (torture, concentration camps, etc.)

In this revealing YT video linked from the following site (Wash your hands after use!), you can hear with your own ears how the chief promoter of the Basas Autonomas… „Durables“ explains that „Whites“ are „superior“ thanks to their precious ADN, which makes them so much more intelligent that any race-mixing inevitably leads to degeneracy and idiocracy.

Here, one of the most rabid antisemites in France congratulates him for saying that „some people“ (yeah, „them“, of course) have a long-time „plan“ to exterminate the „White race“: „They“ have a plan for global domination, which goes through the extermination of the White race! Who are these „non-White“ people who have such enormous power that they can „terminate“ the White race for World domination purposes… eh? Yes, „them“ – who else!


Bases Autónomas (Autonomous Bases in English language) was a Spanish neo-Nazi group, known for its youthful membership and its violent rhetoric and propaganda.


The group was formed in Madrid in 1983 under the leadership of Carlos Rodrigo Ruiz de Castro and Fernando Fernández Perdices (both lawyers) and the student Ignacio Alonso García.[1] The group sought to inaugurate a much greater youth participation in far right politics.[1] They published magazines that encouraged violent action, such as La Peste Negra (The black plague) and ¡A Por Ellos! (Get them!), and used the Celtic cross as their symbol.[1] It has been described as „anarcho-fascist“.[2]

Membership was largely made up of football hooligan Ultras and racist skinheads who operated in small cells.[1] The violence of the group, such as large scale attacks on anarchist and communist groups and several attacks on state institutions, attracted much police scrutiny[1] and the Bases Autónomas were finally disbanded as an organization in the mid-1990s. However given the cell-based nature of the movement, which took its organisational, if not its ideological, impetus from anarchism, some individual cells continued to exist for some time after this.[3]

The organization committed several terrorist actions, including the attack on the MPs of Herri Batasuna, killing he MP Josu Muguruza Guarrotxena and severely injuring Iñaki Esnaola. In 1995 3 members of the group killed Ricardo Rodríguez García.[4]

Following the disappearance of the group a number of leading members went on to join the CEDADE-linked political party National Democracy, notably Juan A. Aguilar who became a leading figure in the España 2000 coalition.[5] Others became heavily involved in the white power music scene, helping to promote such Spanish bands as Estirpe Imperial, Division 250 Klan, Zetme 88 and Reconquista.[6]


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Images and symbols:

Here you can see the hate symbol of the „anarcho-nazism“ of the bases autonomas (and b.a. durables):

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